New Discovery is an Aerospace expert network that fills the aerospace expertise and relationship gap to help you solve industry challenges in business development, strategy, and operations.

By leveraging our exclusive Aerospace & Defense professional ecosystem, we help you find Advisors that execute strategic projects and initiate new business introductions providing the most cost-effective way to grow your business.

Tim is CEO and co-founder of New Discovery. For more than 25 years, Tim has been creating digital communications and embedded software for the aerospace and defense industries. In the early years of his career, he witnessed firsthand the challenges large companies face when they need external program support: difficulty finding talent with the right expertise, distributed team communication, schedule misalignment, project cost overruns and more. He also recognized an opportunity to change the rules of engagement and set the standard for on-time, on-budget performance and true partnership in engineering services. In 1998, he founded Performance Software to do just that and the company has been helping clients find a better way to program success ever since.

Tim served as CEO for 15 years at Performance Software Corporation, a leading software and engineering firm providing innovative, turnkey solutions for safety-critical projects. Under his guidance, the company expanded into five major market segments in aerospace, growing to $30 million in total sales.

In 2014, Tim transitioned to the position of Chairman of Performance Software Corporation. He remains active in the aerospace and defense industry.

Tim Bigelow
CEO & Co-Founder

Craig Anderson
Vice President, Marketing

Craig is Vice President Marketing and co-founder of New Discovery. After nearly 30 years working for the titans of aerospace, he decided to live his "second" dream and test his mettle in helping create a new concept company focused on growth. His "first" dream to work for an airline was accomplished early in his career at Trans World Airlines and entrenched his love for aviation and a passion to make aviation better in everyway…safer, cooler, and most importantly, profitable. He witnessed firsthand the devastating impacts to colleagues, friends and family when companies aren't profitable.

His stint at Honeywell Aerospace provided leadership opportunities in engineering, new business development, product marketing, product management, general management, and other roles that allowed him to play a part in nearly every aircraft system. His most recent roles including growing a $450 million business at Honeywell and helping successfully start a new digital business unit at GE Aviation helped incubate an idea of creating a company to share his experiences, know how and insights in product management and product marketing.

Craig sees this new challenge providing double the fun by…growing a new-co and guiding his aerospace clients to sustainable and predictable growth.