Trailblazing Inventor Seeks Business Introductions for Growth

Trailblazing Inventor Seeks Business Introductions for Growth

Situation at Hand

A prominent trailblazing inventor developed a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process that produces less rework and scrap, saving multi-millions of dollars annually in manufacturing and shipping costs. However, he lacked the necessary resources and leadership to scale his customer base.

Problem to Solve

It was crucial for the inventor to obtain the expertise and resources to properly assess the technical and business capabilities of the innovative process. Plus, he needed to identify and reach fitting partners and customers to grow the company.

Approach and Solution

A summary of the key technical and business capabilities was outlined. Then, the first-year plan was established for growth. Metrics were clearly defined and broken down by quarterly milestones. In the first phase, key decision-makers and customers/partners were identified. Connections between the inventor and potential customers were made. The second phase entailed growing the revenue by double digits and aggressively impacting bottom line growth. Additional customers of interest were identified and sales outreach was launched. A baseline manufacturing facility was set up, while a pilot was executed for special manufacturing needs using investments and grants from various sources and incentives.


2 successful new customer introductions were made…the business value proposition was presented to key decision makers

10-15% increase in bottom-line growth…also utilized tax incentives and grants for revenue growth

1 facility set up…baseline manufacturing and special manufacturing pilot established

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