Recovery of a New Product Development Program

Recovery of a New Product Development Program

Situation at Hand

A leading Avionics supplier was under contract with an OEM to displace the existing supplier of a core product in the cockpit. A well-constructed schedule was critical to properly transition to the new product. Key milestones were being missed late in development, and without an immediate recovery, aircraft deliveries could be impacted with a commensurate revenue loss of $8-10M per week.

Problem to Solve

One of the many problems the company faced was the continuous change of customer requirements. Technical challenges were on the rise as resource availability grew slim. More and more challenges were discovered in Supply Chain and Operations and TSO Certification. With the growing number of problems and challenges, it was crucial to boost customer confidence throughout the execution of the project.

Approach and Solution

An agreement with the customer was negotiated to affirm requirements freeze date. Engineers were redirected from other programs and a specialist was secured to resolve critical EMI issues. Furthermore, long lead time parts were ordered and low-risk components began being built prior to design completion. An agreement from the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) was secured for staggered submittals. Lastly, the customer received a revised plan and frequent performance updates that convinced them that the product would be certified and delivered on time.


1-month certification…rather than the typical 3-month duration

$6.5M in incremental sales…due to a full launch of a significantly improved product

100% satisfied customers…which led to contractual commitments and new opportunities

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