Aerospace Product Line Acquisition Drives 3X Revenue

Aerospace Product Line Acquisition Drives 3X Revenue

Situation at Hand

An aerospace hydraulic components manufacturer was diversifying its hydraulic pumps & motors product line through acquisition. To begin, these products were designed, manufactured and sold for use on both commercial and military aircraft. Under pressure to continue supporting customer demands while also physically relocating, the company needed to reorganize manufacturing CNC machines, the hydraulic test cells and all associated support equipment, CNC programs, and several employees.

Problem to Solve

The manufacturer needed a tactical plan to relocate CNC equipment, transfer WIP and finished goods inventory, relocate and orient current employees, and interview and select new employees. Essentially, the primary problem that required immediate attention was to reallocate physical assets and setup CNC machines, hydraulic test cells, and CNC programs. In addition, the hiring, orientation, and assimilation of transferred employees in various functions was needed for this aerospace product line acquisition. Finally, it was crucial to ensure the attainment of on-time deliveries, superior quality, and cost controls.

Approach and Solution

We developed a strategic plan to address several mission critical activities. First, we dispatched subject matter experts to drive technology and physical inventory transfers. Additionally, we assembled a cross-functional team to develop shop routings, and assembly and test instructions. The employee count increased from approximately 50 employees to almost 180 employees over 6 months. Then, we brought in an outside firm to assist with the recruitment process and interviews of candidates. Lastly, terms with customers and suppliers were negotiated to ensure schedule and cost attainment.


3x growth…in revenue over 18 months

30% growth…in operating income

Customer base increased from 40 to 60

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