Aerospace Acquisition Integration Leads to $350K

Aerospace Acquisition Integration Leads to $350K

Situation at Hand

The client, a medium-size aerospace manufacturer, had been acquired by a larger Multinational Corporation (MNC). The MNC planned to integrate its engineering processes and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools within the acquired company. For successful aerospace acquisition integration, the acquired company required leadership assistance.

Problem to Solve

The MNC desired to achieve the acquisition integration within a suitable time frame. However, the acquired company already had its processes and PLM databases in place and expressed hesitation towards the proposed change. In short, if the client resisted the integration, it could cost the MNC millions of dollars and delay the overall acquisition plan.

Approach and Solution

It is necessary to work collaboratively with the two entities to lead the integration and provide reporting to management. Essentially, the configuration management integration of the acquired company required a structured approach. A checklist of the critical tasks that needed to be addressed was developed during a workshop. To explain, this provided clear visibility and a comprehensive understanding of the situation for both the client and the MNC. Throughout the process, we communicated integration efforts were through various channels to ensure continued understanding across the organization. Finally, a team formed to direct leadership and resources, and to oversee the deployment of the aerospace acquisition integration strategy.


$100,000+ of annual savings…including licensing, maintenance fee, integrated object viewing

$250,000+ of annual savings…through configuration management resource sharing

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