New Aerospace Business Development Yields 5X Backlog

New Aerospace Business Development Yields 5X Backlog

Situation at Hand

In the course of just three years, a U.S. military helicopter OEM spiraled downward from $100M to $15M annual revenue. They desperately needed to re-grow the division and scale to a sustainable volume output with reasonable profit. Overall, the company was in need of new aerospace business development.

Problem to Solve

The company was missing leadership with the right expertise to lead new aerospace business development. Essentially, the corporate management team was in the dark regarding the short and long-term business viability. Plus, their client base was questioning the future of their supplier. In summary, this U.S. military helicopter OEM was in need of a new aerospace business development plan.

Approach and Solution

We assessed the company’s entire client list to determine which opportunities provided the most practical partnerships. Two key client opportunities were prioritized. Therefore, the company re-allocated resources to these opportunities. By focusing and pinpointing the most pressing client needs, this strengthened customer relationships. Additionally, executive relationships were managed at each clients’ aerospace operations. As a result, this successfully exhibited the company’s 100% commitment and support to the client’s business growth.


We successfully gained solid, profitable wins on both client accounts.

$50M win…from the first client over a 10-year period

$25M win…from the second client over a 5-year period

This instantly increased the backlog by 5 times and repaired the relationship with the two key clients. Plus, the company engineered new products and updated existing product offerings that extended across the U.S. military helicopter fleets and international ground troop communications.

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