Flight Certification Program Generates Over $20B

Flight Certification Program Generates Over $20B

Situation at Hand

The client, a leading commercial aircraft OEM, had a flight certification program that was almost a year behind schedule. In summary, if the client was not able to finish the flight certification program, they would not be able to deliver the aircraft.

Problem to Solve

The client needed to re-establish a new, realistic schedule and qualify the aircraft’s exterior lights to ensure they would pass the flight certification program. Furthermore, they needed assistance in completing the vibration and environmental testing. Essentially, to ensure the exterior lights passed testing, the client required a qualified technical lead to oversee the lighting design manufacturer. In addition, the client was lacking an aerospace expert advisor who has experience in both the environmental and vibration testing of an aircraft’s exterior lights.

Approach and Solution

First, an aggressive schedule for testing was established and qualified test engineers were trained. Meanwhile, a close collaboration was organized between the client and the lighting manufacturer to coordinate the design and testing of the aircraft’s exterior lights. Then, re-establishing the vibration, environmental (MIL-810C), and lighting test programs was crucial. These programs are based on the white paper’s of another manufacturing company and past experience.


$20+ Billion in revenue…from delivery of all aircraft

Only required 3 redesigns…before successfully passing testing and qualification

Achieved FAA certification in 18 months

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