Critical Supply Chain Recovery for New Product Introduction

Critical Supply Chain Recovery for NPI

Situation at Hand

A large aircraft interiors company was holding up the entire aircraft production line due to severe supply chain delays and quality issues during a new product introduction (NPI). We helped the client by immediately deploying to their manufacturing location, understanding the problem, and implementing recovery strategies.

Problem to Solve

The single supplier of aircraft lavatory counter-tops was experiencing 6+ month delivery delays and less than 50% quality acceptance on their product. This was primarily due to the fact that the supplier had not previously worked on a high-volume program and was not accustomed to the demands and high quality standards of this customer. With this, moral was low and the supplier-customer relationship was poor.

Approach and Solution

We immediately sent a response team to the supplier site. The response team focused on project management, and quality and materials planning. Following this, we implemented a data-driven ‘DMAIC’ problem solving workshop to identify the true root cause of the performance issues. We then set up a tight source inspection station to prevent any further quality escapes to the client. Lastly, we identified the root causes and removed these issues through additional training and capital investment.


50% improvement in customer acceptance…zero quality escapes within 3 weeks

3+ months reduction of product lead time…corrective actions produced results within 3 months

20-day reduction of product line wait times…through the implementation of integrated supply chain training

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