Business Development Strategy Delivers 170% Revenue Growth

Business Development Strategy Delivers 170% Revenue Growth

Situation at Hand

Growing revenue requires a high level of skills, tools, and experience. For many companies, the biggest struggle is growth. The company, an airline IT solution provider, was struggling to grow revenues from accounts after an initial product sale. The initial sale generated implementation and license fees, but the company struggled to upsell additional products and services or to cross-sell other products.

Problem to Solve

The necessary skills were not there in order to create relevant service offerings, identify potential incremental products that could be upsold to customers, and build relationships with key clients. With a lack of a value-based proposal and strategic account management, the company was soon going to lead themselves into a stagnation of little revenue growth.

Approach and Solution

The task was to develop and drive a long-term revenue growth strategy. The current staff thought in terms of product functionality and tactical responses to RFP’s rather than understanding a particular client, building long-term strategic relationships, and focusing on the value that products and services can deliver to a particular customer. Best sales practice and account management processes were implemented. Along with that, templates for analyzing opportunities and accounts were introduced.

Furthermore, a staff development program was implemented in order to develop the necessary skills needed to build long-term strategic, transformational relationships with key clients. The selling of products on a SaaS transactional model rather than a license model was emphasized. Two categories of service offerings were created; a generic service offerings that could be offered to all customers and a customer specific service offerings. This helped the client identify which additional products and services to upsell after an initial product sale. Lastly, a Health Check was created to identify improvements in which a customer was using its services or products.


120% revenue growth…from a multi-year contract with a global online travel agency

50% annual revenue growth…through a focus on strategic engagement with C-Level executives

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