Aerospace Configuration Management reduces cycle time

Aerospace Configuration Management reduces cycle time

Situation at Hand

The client was a large aerospace manufacturer. To start, they were experiencing hundreds of in-process Aerospace Engineering Change Requests. Consequently, they were in need to speedily address them. To summarize, the assignment was in an Aerospace Configuration Management leadership role with the expectation of reducing change process cycle time.

Problem to Solve

The client was unable to consistently process engineering document changes. To explain, the average cycle time was in the hundreds of days for a single change. This the longest in the corporation. The process was unresponsive; they had to repeatedly request deviation approvals from their customers. Additionally, the aerospace engineers and Configuration Management staff could not easily locate change documentation.  

Approach and Solution

We led the effort to communicate change documentation status via regular metrics. Essentially, gaps in the process were identified and our team dove deep to resolve them. With the re-engineering of the process and getting relevant groups involved, a more efficient process was created that eliminated rework loops.


90% reduction in cycle time…enabling manufacturing to streamline their process and reduce inventory

200 engineers effectively collaborated…which reduced rework and effort to approve changes proposed

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